Events & Reportage | S$ 100/hour

– Documentary coverage, with simple digital manipulation in Photoshop
– 80 to 100 high-resolution images per hour, delivered over Dropbox no more than a month after the shoot date and articulating the photographer’s vision
– Confirmation of booking, commencement of the job and use of image/s constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

– Bookings are subject to availability, with a minimum of 3 hours per day
– Surcharge of S$200 on public holiday and S$100 on public holiday eves
– Transport costs between locations not included (if shoot is split into multiple locations, client provides transportation or will be billed transport receipts)
– Dropbox link expires 2 months after delivery
– Appearance, talent, location, trademark and copyright releases are the responsibility of the client
– Re-shoots will be charged accordingly – if the client does not send an authorised representative to a shoot, the photographer takes artistic license
– Should the photographer be unable to fulfil the required services due to illness, equipment failure, or any cause beyond his control, attempts will be made to procure another professional in replacement – where this is not possible, fees paid by the client will be returned
– Digital files may be archived by the photographer, but it is the client’s responsibility to safely store the images – the photographer cannot guarantee the availability of images beyond first delivery
– Electronic storage media is inherently unstable and the photographer is not liable for claims, damages or costs arising from unusable storage media
– Raw files will not be provided to the client in any circumstances unless agreed upon in advance
– Payment should be made within a month from completion of assignment

Copyright Restrictions

– Images supplied are granted a 4-year exclusive use license, commencing on the date they are first made available to the client
– Usage and reproduction is permitted for the client’s intended use and on packaging, limited to 100,000 units
– Print and online use for commercial purposes are permitted during the license period. All other use is restricted to a sliding scale of percentage, based on Total Media Buy
– Resale of images is strictly prohibited
– The use of images does not constitute joint authorship
– Stock use only with the client’s authorisation
– License will be granted contingent on payment in full
– Exclusive rights are retained by the photographer unless otherwise stated, images may be used for promotional purposes
– All rights stated here may not be assigned or transferred to another party

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you work for free, for exposure or karma points?

– I respectfully decline, unless you represent a non-profit, charitable organisation and institution of public character.

Could you give me a discount?

– My rates are rather competitive in comparison to market-rates. Please refer to this recent article on the well-regarded photography news site Petapixel on prevailing market rates – the rates are listed in US dollars.

Why do you charge a minimum of S$300?

– An hour-long assignment is not commercially viable, rates quoted include post-production services, transportation, equipment and lost-opportunity costs.